The plastic lawn backlash: why people are pulling up their fetid fake grass

Why? What’s wrong with evergreen maintenance-free grass? It’s not maintenance-free. Trimming it is unnecessary; however, you will need to clean it. If not, the leaves will sit on the top.

This is a task I should have thought of. Artificial grass also needs to drain better. It soaks up and keeps the scent of urine from dogs. It’s so hot during summer that it causes blisters on your feet.

I don’t like the idea of sweeping the outdoors. Fake grass is also more costly to install than natural grass, but it could reduce the worth of your house by as much as five percent.

Do you have, for instance, the regular vacuum, or is there a particular grass-specific one? In addition, artificial lawns are viewed as a problem for the environment as they encroach on the habitats of insects and wild plants.

For the owners, this is probably part of the appeal. There are no bugs and no grass. Yes. That’s why Springwatch anchor Chris Packham described artificial grass as the “horticultural antichrist.”

That could be a bit overly strong. Perhaps but not. People with artificial lawns have also been requesting councils to take down trees that hang over and trees that shed leaves to lessen the vacuuming.

Idiots! They should be banned. It’s a popular concept. According to a study by, 24% of Britons prefer plastic turf to be prohibited.

I was thinking of the ban on idiots. However, I’m aware it is unpractical. The Welsh government also briefly considered a ban, while environmental campaigners have demanded the introduction of a tax on artificial lawns.

Let’s begin by removing any plastic grass. This is already taking place. It’s happening already. Eden Project in Cornwall was forced to remove the artificial grass last year due to protests.

What’s up with that – The Eden Project, whose mission is, as per the website of its organization, “to create a movement that builds relationships between people and the natural world” Did it have fake grass? It was an interim solution to the play area of children that was muddy however, it was a fact. The idea has since experienced an overhaul.

Do you say, “Real grass is better than fake grass, but you really want a biodiverse wildflower meadow?”

Don’t use the words: “Out of interest, how much would it cost to carpet the whole thing?”


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