Houseplant of the week: watermelon plant

The sleek lines of this striking South American plant make up for the fact that it does not produce watermelons.

Why should I be thrilled by it?

It is a South American beauty; Peperomia argyreia has beautiful foliage. Its fleshy green leaves resemble miniature watermelons due to their distinct silver stripes. It might not produce watermelons; however, its striking look visually appeals to your living space.

Shade or light?

This plant thrives in bright indirect light to moderate conditions.

How should I place it?

Consider a spot with good lighting, like a window or close to an east or north-facing window, to take advantage of the sun’s filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight since it could cause scorching of the leaves.

How can I ensure it is in good health?

It’s pretty straightforward that it thrives under average humidity, but in the summer, it can benefit by misting occasionally to boost humidity. Let the compost dry completely between waterings to stop the stem from rotting. This plant likes temperatures between 18-24C and is not recommended to be exposed to temperatures below 10C.

Did you even …?

The watermelon plant is part of the peperomia family, which comprises more than 1,500 species of smaller tropical plants. They vary in leaf shapes, colors, growth patterns, and colors. In Brazil, the peperomias are an indication of luck, so they are usually given to people to give as presents.

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