Top 10 fragrant annuals from seed

Aromatic annuals can be grown quickly from seed and won’t cost a fortune. A seed packet will provide you with many fragrant plants – perfect for those who garden with a limited budget. Furthermore, you’ll get the satisfaction of cultivating your plants by hand!

Contrary to fragrant perennials, whose blooming time can be short fragrant annuals bloom in abundance, usually throughout the summer. A few strategically placed aromatic plants can turn a walk through the gardens into a relaxing experience for your senses. Place them near the open doors, seats, and pathways where they will be the most enjoyed.

  1. Sweet Pea ‘High-Scent’
  2. Phlox drummondii “Dwarf Beauty
  3. Heliotrope ‘Dwarf Marine’
  4. Madia Elegans ‘Tropical Fruits’
  5. Alyssum ‘Carpet Of Snow’
  6. Stock ‘Cinderella Series Mixed’
  7. Scabious ‘Ace of Spades
  8. Nicotiana Sanderae x HTML0 ‘Perfume Deep Purple
  9. Verbena ‘Scentsation Mixed’
  10. Dianthus barbatus “Purple crown.’

Check out our article for ideas for your garden, or look through our collection of scent-filled annuals to pick your favorite.

Sweet Pea ‘High-Scent’Sweet Peas are some of the most simple and well-known fragrant annuals you can discover! Sweet Pea ‘High-Scent’ is a popular choice as the best-smelling, with white, creamy blooms trimmed by a blush of violet and blue. They can be planted against fences and walls or on an ornate obelisk. Sweet Peas are excellent cut flowers. Pick often to ensure that they keep bringing blooms all through the summer. Check out our complete selection of Sweet Pea seeds to discover the one you like best. Do you need some advice on growing? Take a look at our “How to cultivate sweet peas’ article.

Phlox drummondii ‘Dwarf Beauty

Phlox drummondii “Dwarf Beauty’ produces clusters of fragrant flowers with a beautiful color mix. It is ideal for filling flower beds or directly sowing at the edge of the borders to deliver stunning flowers in a jumble of color. The compact planters will quickly fill a pot for a patio and make beautiful cut flowers.

Heliotrope ‘Dwarf Marine’

A popular cottage garden staple is a must-have plant to create a fragrant garden. The big flower heads release aromatic scents that fill the air during a quiet summer night. Heliotrope “Dwarf Marine’ is a beautiful, bushy selection for container gardens. The smell is similar to ground almonds, which gives it its common name Cherry Pie. The stunning flowers attract butterflies as well.

Madia elegans ‘Tropical Fruits’

You can try something different when you are designing your scent-filled flower borders! Madia elegans “Tropical Fruits’is a cheery border annual that is bright yellow with daisy-like flowers and a fruity scent. The blooms are open in the morning and into the evening and usually close during intense sun during the middle of the afternoon. An excellent choice to plant close to places of seating that catch the last sunrays.

Alyssum ‘Carpet Of Snow’

With its spouting behavior, Alyssum has earned its reputation as a bedtime favorite and is frequently paired with deep blue Lobelia. It’s a favorite selection for rockeries or dropping down low walls to make the appearance of a white carpet. It is a sweetly fragrant annual that has a sweet scent. Alyssum’s “Carpet of Snow” is surprisingly wind resistant, making it an excellent choice for exposed areas or coastal zones.

Stock ‘Cinderella Series Mixed’

Stocks are known for their dazzling scent, spicy and clove-like, which is sultry in the air. Stock “Cinderella Series Mixed” is small and compact, producing many upright spikes brimming with stunning double flowers. The soft shades of purple and pink create a smooth mix that can fill beds and the borders’ fronts. It is an excellent option for the late spring scent in the garden. Blooms can start beginning to appear in May.

Scabious ‘Ace of Spades

You can make a statement with the borders of your garden with the attractive Scabious ‘Ace Of Spades.’ With a mild scent, this perennial flower blooms through midsummer until the end of the fall and is great for cut flower displays.

Nicotiana x Sandra ‘Perfume Deep Purple

Nicotiana are popular because of their lengthy flowering time and wonderful scent, particularly evident during the evening. It has a captivating scent and lush violet flowers; this is a real winner! Nicotiana x Sandra “Perfume Deep Purple’ copes well in the full sun or the mild shade, making it an excellent option for patios that lose the sun earlier in the daytime. This particular variety is tidy, compact, and bushy, ideal for adding elegance to borders, beds, and pots for patios.

Verbena ‘Scentsation Mixed’

Create an aromatic tapestry color in your containers and beds using Verbena ‘Scentsation’ Mixed.’ The delicate flowers are sweetly fragrant and appear so frequently that the foliage disappears under the blooms. This lovely mix is excellent for cutting flowers if you can cut them for a summer posy. Consider this compact selection inside a window and let the fragrance linger when it floats.

Dianthus barbatus ‘Purple Crown’

The luscious, blackcurrant-colored shades and sweet fragrances from Dianthus barbatus “Purple Crown” are a mouthwatering mix. It is a perennial with a short life; however, it is best cultivated as an annual. An excellent choice to bridge the gap between summer bulbs and spring perennials. They can be planted in borders and beds to create an aroma that makes you feel secluded and perhaps even cut to use as a vase indoors.


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