How to select the right garden furniture

It was challenging to choose the right garden furniture when our garden furniture started to crumble last year. Style, cost, durability, and maintenance are the key factors.

We don’t have a place to store our chairs and tables in winter, and I don’t want to cover them. I want to relax in my winter garden and enjoy a cup of coffee on a nice day. However, this can lead to garden furniture that only lasts for a while.

There are other factors to consider. The weight of the furniture you buy for a roof terrace or balcony is essential. If the table isn’t secured, it could quickly move around in your garden.

Here are some of my top questions about garden furniture and photos of the best garden furniture I have seen at shows and gardens this year. Although I have provided sources whenever possible, variations of many of these styles can be found in plenty of places. Amazon links may be affiliate links; see disclosure. Other links are not.

When is it best to buy garden furniture?

We were shopping for our garden furniture in late summer. This is a great time to shop for garden furniture. Although there are fewer options, there is more chance of finding lower prices. The New Year sales are a great option if you want to save money.

You want the best selection, so start looking for garden furniture early in spring when new stock is available for summer.

What garden furniture should you choose?

There are six choices: plastic, metal, rattan, and plastic/stone/stone composites. The longest-lasting garden furniture is made of plastic, metal, and built-in stone/stone/stone composite or metal garden furniture. Plastic will be the most affordable, while high-quality wood and rattan will cost more.

Stone and stone-composites

Stone and stone composites last a lifetime. Two stone composite benches made from Haddonstone are my possession. One is 30 years old; the other is only ten years. They are almost identical. They may need to be cleaned occasionally, but they are weatherproof.

We chose a Garden Trading dining table with a stone-composite top. Although it was more expensive than similar quality teak garden tables, it will last much longer, mainly since we won’t cover it in winter.

Built-in garden furniture

People use left-over pavers and wood to make benches in hard landscaping. This method is highly durable and requires very little maintenance. This is an excellent option for small spaces, as you can create the exact shape and size you want.

Which style do you want for your garden or house?

We discovered only a small selection of garden furniture options when searching for new furniture. There are both cheaper and more expensive brands within each category. The most expensive brands will last longer and look better.

You can start by extending the design of your home into the garden. This How to Link Your House and Garden post will show you how. To make your space feel more extensive, you can use color schemes, paving, flooring, and furniture styles from the house to the backyard.

Once you have established a price range, the style will likely be your final consideration. It is worth taking some time to consider your garden’s style. This post contains 12 garden designs. Can you identify yours?

Garden furniture styles

Moderne mid-century modern

This mid-century modern garden furniture is retro and works well in contemporary settings. These garden chairs were created by Lisa Feurtado, Fuschia Green Garden Design. Similar string chairs in Alice’s Garden Egg designers string chairs can be found. You can view Lisa’s design in How to link your home to your garden.


Modern garden furniture can include rattan and artisan-made pieces.

Traditional style

There are many price options for wooden garden furniture. It is also the most popular style of garden furniture. It’s the most beloved and well-known style, from teak garden tables to Lutyens benches,

Vintage or secondhand

Secondhand garden furniture is the most environmentally-friendly option and can be one of the cheapest. You can also look at free websites like Freegle and Freecycle and online auctions such as eBay Marketplace or Facebook Marketplace. Make sure the furniture is strong and can be repaired.

We purchased a set of 1960s French metal chairs in a depot vente in the South of France for around PS20 each. The petrol cost us a lot more when we strapped them to our car’s roof and drove them to the UK.

Are outdoor cushions waterproof?

A wide range of outdoor pillows is now available. They can be left out for most of the summer but should be kept indoors during winter.

We purchased two chairs and a vintage metal garden chair. The furniture needed cushions, but it was over 50 years old, so they couldn’t find a standard-size protector that would fit.

I purchased fabric suitable for outdoor cushions, and an upholsterer made it in my area. You can sew if you are skilled at sewing.

Can garden furniture be left outside?

Garden furniture can be left outdoors, but most of it is outdoor-friendly. Natural rattan, wicker, and wooden furniture can be brought in for the night.

You can purchase outdoor covers to protect your garden furniture if you don’t have enough storage space.

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