How to select the right garden furniture

When our garden furniture began to fall apart last year, it was challenging to find the right furniture. The main factors are style, cost, durability, and maintenance.

I wouldn’t say I like to cover my chairs and tables because we don’t have anywhere to store them in the winter. I want to enjoy coffee in my winter garden on a beautiful day. This can result in garden furniture that is only good for a short time.

Other factors are also important. It is essential to consider the weight of the furniture you purchase for your roof terrace or balcony. The table could quickly move in your garden if it is not secured.

Here are my top questions and some photos of the best garden furnishings I’ve seen this year at shows and gardens. While I have tried to provide sources for these styles, you can find variations in many places. Amazon links are affiliate links. See disclosure. Some links may be affiliate links; see disclosure.

When is the best time to buy garden furniture?

We were shopping for our garden furniture in late summer. It’s an excellent time to buy garden furniture. There are fewer options but a greater chance of finding lower prices. If you want to save money, the New Year sales can be a good option.

If you want the best selection of garden furniture, start shopping early in the spring for new stock for summer.

Which garden furniture should I choose?

Six options are available: plastic, metal rattan, and composites of plastic/stone/stone. Plastic, metal, and garden furniture with built-in stone/stone/stone or metal are the most durable. Plastic is the most affordable material, while high-quality wood and rattan will cost more.

Stones and stone-composites

Stone composites and stones last for a lifetime. I own two stone composite benches that were made of Haddonstone. The older bench is 30 years; the younger one is just ten years. Both are nearly identical. Although they may need to be cleaned occasionally, they are still weatherproof.

We selected a Garden Trading table with a composite stone top. It was more expensive but will last longer because we won’t cover it during winter.

Built-in garden furniture

Hard landscaping often includes benches made from leftover wood and pavers. This method is very durable and requires little maintenance. You can use this method to create your desired size and shape.

What style would you like for your house or garden?

We found a limited selection of options when we were looking for new furniture. Within each category, some brands are more affordable, and those that cost more. The more expensive brands will look and last longer.

Start by extending your home’s design into the garden. How to Link Your House and Garden will explain how. You can make your space seem more significant by using color schemes, paving and flooring styles, and furniture styles from the house into the backyard.

After establishing your budget, the style will likely be the last thing on your mind. Consider your garden’s design. This post includes 12 garden designs. Can you identify it?

Garden furniture styles

Moderne mid-century modern

These retro mid-century modern outdoor furniture pieces work well in contemporary settings. Lisa Feurtado of Fuschia Green Garden Design created these garden chairs. You can find similar string chairs in Alice Garden Egg Designers String Chairs. Lisa’s design can be viewed in How to link home and Garden.


The modern garden furniture includes rattan, as well as artisan-made items.

Traditional style

Wooden garden furniture is available at a wide range of prices. This is the most common style of garden furniture. It’s the most popular and beloved style, from teak garden benches to Lutyens tables.

Vintage or secondhand

Secondhand garden furniture is the most environmentally-friendly option and can be one of the cheapest. Also, you can look for free websites such as Freegle or Freecycle and online bidding sites like eBay Marketplace and Facebook Marketplace. Be sure that the furniture can be repaired and is sturdy.

For around PS20, we bought a set of metal chairs from the 1960s in a depot vent in the South of France. We paid more for petrol when we strapped the chairs to our roof and drove to the UK.

Are outdoor cushions waterproof?

There are many different types of outdoor pillows available. They can be left outside for most of the summer but should be stored indoors in winter.

We bought two chairs and an old metal garden chair. They needed to buy cushions for the furniture, but since it was older than 50 years, they needed help finding standard-size protectors that fit.

I bought fabric for outdoor cushions and had it made by an upholsterer in my locality. If you have sewing skills, then you can sew.

Can garden furniture be left outside?

Most garden furniture is suitable for outdoor use. You can bring in natural rattan, wicker furniture, and wooden pieces.

You can buy outdoor covers if you do not have enough space to store your garden furniture.

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