16 garden design ideas to make the best of your outdoor space

If you want to create a French-country look, a grey or white stone in a random design is the way to go. Black or silver paving in a regular pattern would be the ideal backdrop for a sleek modern scheme. Golden stone in a mixed design gives a feeling of English country.


Need some inspiration? Butter Wakefield designed a complex paving pattern of interlocking circles of different sizes and designs in her Ribbon Wheel Garden. Each loop was connected by a ‘ribbon of York cobblestones.’ The rings are made from a mixture of York stone and limestone and laid with a mix of setts.

 The Ribbon Wheel Garden by Butter Wakefield

Butter Wakefield via the Society of Garden Designers

Attention to detail is critical to creating the garden of dreams. Coordination of your plants and paving will create a stunning scheme. As an example:

  • Grey or white stones look great with purple and White blooms
  • The black and silver paving is attractive when combined with vibrant colors like red, orange, and Yellow
  • Golden paving with soft colors – lavender, pink and chalky Yellow.

Michael John McGarr is the director and garden designer for Warnes McGarr & Co. He suggests that instead of jet-washing old worn paving, think about something exciting and new, like large-format ceramic paving. Porcelain does not absorb water, so it requires less cleaning. This means less pressure washing over the years.

This glazed porcelain tile is perfect for patios, terraces, and courtyards. It perfectly replicates the natural slate’s texture, look, and tonal variation. The richer rusty shades offset the darker, natural colors. This gives your garden a warm and inviting feel. Rustic Multicolour Slate Outdoor Tile, PS39.99 per m2, CTD Tiles


Creating a movement that flows from your house into your garden is always a good idea. Michael says that ensuring the paving on your property is the same height as the flooring inside will blur the line between the two.

Distinct levels

Does your garden have different levels? You can create a seamless appearance without using stone steps by allowing the flow of your lawn from one area to another. In the photo below, garden designer Helen Elks Smith used grass treads to link the patio with the sun terrace.

 Garden with grass steps Helen Elks Smith MSGD The SGD Awards 2019 has announced the winner of the Large Residence Award.


Are you looking for decking inspiration? Decking can be used to level out an uneven or sloped garden. It is also a cost-effective solution. Decking is available in split levels, with steps, and can be used to accommodate dining furniture. Due to its

Millboard composite decking is an environmentally friendly and low-maintenance product. The wood-free composite decking is non-porous, meaning that rain can do all.

 Millboard Composite Decking Vintage Weathered Garden House Design



If you have a smaller patio or courtyard, consider folding furniture. You can also use benches that are. The L-shaped sofa can be compact. For larger spaces, you can opt for complete seating sets with matching.

Investing in a quality set of garden furniture will pay off for many. Allow enough space for everyone to sit comfortably and pull their chairs out without hitting anything. Remember that you will also need space to walk around the entire table when everyone is seated. It takes up more space than you think!

Claire Belderbos is the director of garden landscape specialists at Belderbos Land Place, a small seating area in the garden where you can enjoy the evening sun.

Rio Grey 6 Seater Dining Table with Ivy Chairs Set Danetti


Buy furniture covers if you cannot move your outdoor set inside during the winter. They will protect it and prolong it. Remember to add outdoor pillows to your garden furniture for added comfort.

Don’t forget about other garden essentials such as firepits and chiminea

This outdoor fireplace by Schiedel is made of natural volcanic pumice. It provides insulation and creates a The natural insulation of pumice allows the fire to heat up faster and use less fuel. Isokern Garden Fireplace, from PS1,191, Schiedel


Keep your boundaries in mind.

They must look good. You don’t need to match them all, but you should create visual links. For example, you could use the same fence type and climbers in complementary colors to cover it. You can whitewash fences or cover them with battens and trellis if you’ll Ask your neighbors to determine whose wall you are working on and get their permission.

You must also consider the materials that you use. Timber posts aren’t just for fencing off a garden from its neighbors. They can be placed in a garden to create a frame for plants, seating areas, or to add interest.

Bowles & Wyer, a garden landscaping company, has used reclaimed oak posts to The garden landscape company Bowles & Wyer used recycled posts to frame a view along the path in the center of the garden. They positioned them at different angles and heights so visitors could see new things as they made their way.

The garden at Addenbrooke’s Hospital for NHS 70 features timber posts. Bowles & Wyer


Screening and zonation

Consider creating separate “rooms” in your garden by using screens. Hard landscaping can be done with pergolas, fences, and plants. Jon Holloway of Garden Trading suggests that you can go right with thorny rose bushes and tall bamboo. Try a collection of potted plants.

Consider zoning your garden if you have limited space. This is an excellent idea for any garden size or shape. Vicky Angell is the outdoor living buyer at John Lewis & Partners. She says the garden is an extension of your kitchen and living area. In part, it’s because homes are smaller on average than ever, and we look to the outside for space to relax and entertain.

Accessorize the fifth room.

Consider transforming your outdoor space with tactile furnishings and cozy garden décor into a tranquil oasis. You want to create an outdoor living room but without the interior decor.

You can use a garden mirror to reflect light around your chosen spot. Choose citronella candles to keep bugs at bay. Choose a Garden Mirror to reflect light in your chosen area. You can also choose a waterproof speaker, a citronella candle to keep insects at bay, or a Patio Heater.

 Scion Mr. Fox Outdoor Rug in Charcoal Grey, Rug Seller


Integrate your ornaments

The most important rule for garden decorations is that they should be nestled with plants. It’s essential to choose wisely, as an ornament (or water feature) placed in the middle of an empty area is likely to look poorly. It will appear lost if it is too small, and a significant item will overpower the space.

If you want to hear the trickle of water running in your garden but do not want a fountain or a water feature, try a simple water spout and stone trough like those used in Butter Wakefield’s Ribbon Wheel Garden (below). The antique drain has wall panels above it that are painted dark grey and have antiqued mirrors incorporated to reflect the garden.

Antique stone trough with Ribbon Wheel Garden Butter Wakefield

Butter Wakefield via the Society of Garden Designers

Install a garden room

Planning permission is usually optional for a garden room. It can be used as a home studio or office. It can be a great place to entertain guests in the summer and even serve as an additional guest room. Consider ways to transform your garden into more than a place to relax, eat and drink in the sun.

Living walls

Living walls are gaining popularity in garden design. They allow you to create drama and embrace vertical planting in your outdoor area. A living fence can be placed anywhere in the garden. Like a border, you should choose the appropriate plants for the site. Green wall kits and living wall planters are also available, so do some shopping to find the one that suits your space best.

For large wall expanses, you can invest in high-impact living wall systems. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of your system.

John Davies integrated hydroponic walls in the roof and basement gardens at this London office building. Perennials and flowering shrubs such as fuschia and buddleia complement the evergreen framework. This creates an all-year-round effect.

You can also create a living wall using containers or a trellis to plant on your garden walls. Climbing plants and wall shrubs like clematis or honeysuckle will give your outdoor space a vertical dimension.

Do not forget to use the lights.

Remember to value the importance of creating an atmosphere in your garden. Similarly, choose different sources for Garden Lighting as you would layer indoor lighting. These include fairy lights, festoons, wall lights, and freestanding lamps. Jon Holloway says that outdoor lights and a fireplace allow you to continue enjoying your space, even when the weather is not as you had hoped.

If you’re looking for fairy lights or lanterns to line a garden pathway (Lights4Fun has a wide range), your choice will add character, atmosphere, and ambiance to the space. This is essential if you plan on dining outside well into the night.

Small Space Solutions

Vertical planting is the key. Hanging baskets are great for the front garden. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to paving, consider using gravel. It’s important to remember that a small yard doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed. For small spaces, there are many space-saving table and chair sets. Choose a restaurant set to add style and functionality and deckchairs to provide instant seating.

The family garden

Use landscaping cleverly to maximize the space in your family garden. Adolfo Harrison, for example, created a hidden play area in this east London garden, incorporating fun elements into the design to make it enjoyable for adults and children.

Two moon benches are positioned within a living face to create an inviting place for children to sit. Mirrors make the room feel more extensive, and the bamboo canopy creates a ceiling that creates a cozy atmosphere.

Children love to play in the garden, but it is essential to zone an area. Playground equipment often dominates Small family gardens, leaving little space for other activities. If you don’t have the space for a playhouse or slide, a sand table or mud kitchen in a corner can be a great alternative. They will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Don’t forget the wildlife.

Consider the impact of your design on wildlife. You can help the bees in your garden by planting bee-friendly plants. Talk to your neighbors about creating a highway for hedgehogs. And buy bird feeders that you can hang from trees or fences. Bee hotels, wildlife pools, log piles, and plants for pollinators will all continue to be popular.


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